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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

New Species: Taiwan Bush-Warbler

Taiwan Bush-Warbler, Bradypterus alishanensis
Photo Credit: Shei Wen Tu, Birding in Taiwan

A new bush-warbler (Sylviidae, Bradypterus) from Taiwan


A bush-warbler of the genus Bradypterus, known from the mountains of Taiwan since 1917, has never been formally named as a distinct taxon. Songs of the Taiwan population differ strikingly from those of its Asian congeners in being much clearer, sweeter, more piercing, and in having a very different structure of elements. Several subtle but consistent morphological differences exist between specimens from Taiwan and all named taxa, principally in bill size and shape, plumage color and reduced variability, pattern of undertail coverts, and wing formula. Therefore, the Taiwan population is best treated as a new species.

View the full article at The Auk 117(2):279-289, 2000

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