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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Audubon Guide to Wetlands Protections

American Black Duck, Anas rubripes
Image Credit: Glen Tepke

I received the following message from the PABirds listserve. It was posted by Carmen Santasania regarding the new Audubon Guide to Wetlands Protections. I felt it was important to pass it along, as protecting wetlands is crucial for protecting wild birds.

A Resource for Audubon State Offices, Chapters, and Wetlands Advocates, prepared by the Public Policy Office, is now posted on our website. The guide provides an overview of the need for wetlands protections; how to launch a wetlands campaign; federal and state authorities that apply to wetlands; and recent developments in the judicial, regulatory, and congressional arenas. The guide is intended as a resource for people who want to make a difference at the local level, whether they are long-time wetlands advocates who want to increase their effectiveness or new wetlands advocates who are interested in protecting their local wetlands. Key reference materials are included as appendices.

The guide (958kb PDF) can be downloaded from Audubon’s website.

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